iWeb - Before You Begin

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Before You Begin

To make it easier to complete this tutorial, you might want to print it.

In many tasks shown in the tutorial (and in iWeb Help), you need to choose menu
commands, which look like this:

Choose Edit > Copy.

The first word after


is the name of a menu in the iWeb menu bar. The next word

(or words) indicates the item to choose from that menu.

You can stop doing the tutorial at any time by choosing iWeb > Quit iWeb, or by
clicking the red close button at the top-left corner of the iWeb window. The next time
you open iWeb, your website is exactly as you left it.

Make sure you save your work from time to time by choosing File > Save.

Have fun and experiment as much as you like. You can always undo an action by
choosing Edit > Undo as many times as necessary to remove the changes you make.
The Undo command won’t remove anything you save.